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Riding Lessons & Packages

Welcome to Rancho Del Mar and Majestic Farms.  We strive to create an environment in which horse and rider can grow and thrive.  Our facility boasts nine distinct areas to ride, a covered and lighted arena, world class footing, 115 stalls, access to miles of city and county maintained trails, and top of the line horses in more than four disciplines.

The Lesson Program

While every rider’s goals are different, we work to structure an individualized program that fits your specific needs and goals. Our long-time lesson horses are suitable for all ages and abilities. Riding or driving lessons are available for anybody age 4+, seven days a week. Whether you’re looking to get some exercise, meet new people, conquer a fear, win a World’s Championship, or just enjoy the bond with horses, our program can be tailored to you. Our expert instructors will teach you the essentials: horse care, grooming, tack and equipment, and riding and/or driving.

Over the course of an hour-long lesson, the students will start by learning the proper grooming and preparation of their horse. All of the tack and equipment will be explained and demonstrated so that the student may become proficient at preparing their horse for work. A 30 minute riding lesson, beginning with the most important fundamentals (start, stop, left, right) and working towards balanced horsemanship will follow. After the ride, the students will learn to cool out their horse, clean and care for their equipment, and will have ample opportunity to ask questions. With so much to learn, each lesson serves as a stepping stone on the journey towards becoming a competent equestrian.

The Academy Show Program:

The academy show program provides an opportunity for lesson students to show horses out of the lesson program.  Students are able to show any of the Rancho Del Mar lesson horses at local shows.  The experience gained while showing academy provides a foundation on which riders can build as they progress through the show circuit.  As riders progress and move out of the academy program, they are encouraged and guided to continue showing in the junior exhibitor and amateur ranks at local, regional, and national shows.  Since not all shows offer academy classes, once a student graduates out of academy, they are encouraged to consider leasing or purchasing a show horse.

The Lease and ½ Lease Program:

Dependent upon availability, select horses owned by Majestic Farms and Rancho Del Mar may become available for a lease or ½ lease.  During a lease, the rider experiences every aspect of horse ownership without having to purchase a horse of their own.  Leased horses must remain in training with Majestic Farms throughout the duration of the lease, and riders will have exclusive use of their leased horse. Leased horses will have the same opportunity to attend shows as the privately owned horses in the training program.

The Training Program:

The world class training program is custom built around each horse. With years of experience in young horse development we have an approach to horse training that starts from the ground-up. Beginning with the basics, we allow each horse to determine the direction and intensity of its own training. As each horse progresses, we assess their performance and work to enhance their natural abilities. By focusing on each horse’s individual strengths, we are better able to help them thrive in an appropriate division. Horses of all ages and breeds benefit from training to refine their skills, improve behavior, learn a new job, or prepare to be sold.  In combination with our lesson program, we can help horse and rider to communicate more clearly and reach their goals in a safe and timely manner.

The Show Program:

Rancho Del Mar and Majestic Farms compete at a series of local, regional, and national shows including three separate breed affiliated National and World Championship horse shows.  Our horses and riders frequently receive top prizes in equitation, pleasure, and driving classes at the highest levels.  Riders attending shows experience a full service upscale event in which no detail is overlooked. Riders are encouraged to indulge in the hospitality, and are always welcome to invite family and friends to watch and cheer! Horse shows are a fantastic way to meet likeminded people with whom you can share your passion for horses, love of the sport, and thrill of competition.